Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update Cross 2011.

Got new shoes on the 2nd, Asics Rush 33's. They feel great so far! Comfortable light weight shoes with plenty of cushioning. After the alumni meet we had a day off on Sunday and Yale Hills on Monday, felt alright during that, it was pouring the whole time which was sweet, it was the first workout that my legs felt somewhat responsive.
Brief overview of the past couple weeks.

Monday-13- Straight 3 and Happy River 8 plus 2 miles
Tuesday- 14- Yale Hills (4x long and short) plus 3 mile shakeout
Wednesday- 10- Straight 3 and Yale 7 later in the day
Thurday- 14- Yale 7 moderate run (42:10) felt flat and tired/ 4 mile shake out later in the day
Friday- 10- Yale 5 plus Yale 5
Saturday- 12- Stadium 8's (2:40, 2:39, 2:38, 2:40, 2:36) Felt flat again... 3 mile shakeout later in the day.
Sunday- 5- Easy recovery day.
(78 mile week)

Monday-10- 4xYale Hills (long and short) felt a bit better.
Tuesday- 10- Straight 5 with Pete and Yale 5 later in the day.
Wednesday- 13- Moderate Yale 7 (42:02) and 3 miles slow afterwards plus 3 mile shakeout later in the day.
Thursday-7- Straight 3 in the morning plus Stadium 8's in the afternoon. (Had a weird skipped beats and kind of panicked, nothing major though)
Friday- 8- Pre-race easy double- 3 and 5 *NEW SHOES
Saturday-9- Alumni Race- 16:57 felt pretty good (Old post)
Sunday- Day off
(57 mile week)---Weird week.

Monday-15-Straight 3 plus Yale Hills (6x long hills) Felt alright in the rain. Kind of tired but a decent workout
Tuesday-10- Random 5 miler (slooooooowwww) plus Yale 5 through the puddles with Ryan and Thomas.
Wednesday-10- Progression run (60:55)- Went out controlled through the first 5 (32:15) then picked it up for the second half (28:40) Felt great! Legs were responsive, felt smooth.
-Should hit about 80 miles this week.

Going out to Robin Hood Park for some loops on Friday, can't wait to get back out there!

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